FAQ – Bankruptcy

Debts, Pressure, Stress Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is an experience that has many negative perceptions.  The thought of loosing all of our assets evokes such a strong emotional reaction that many people suffer from anxiety attacks, depression or loose their loved ones.  A lot of these negative acts are a result of common mistaken concepts about bankruptcy and the affects of it in your life.  Unfortunately, many people are unaware that bankruptcy is really a benefit if done correctly.

The perspective that the person has towards bankruptcy is essential so that this process won’t be so painful.  Following are some common mistakes about bankruptcy and the best ways to manage them.

Am I going to loose everything?

This false mentality is fed by the “Judgment Day”.  The individual is in distress because he or she has developed an emotional tie to material objects.  For example, a man is afraid that he will loose his power boat which he has made payments to for the last five years.

will I never get credit back again after the bankruptcy in Orlando ?

This statement is not true.  You may rebuild your credit within a few years.  During the whole bankruptcy process, the government tries to help those people to overcome their situation and gives them information of how to better manage their money.  So, in theory, the person who declares bankruptcy may obtain better credit than how it was before.

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